If you are looking for healthy alternative free range chicken, you have found the right company. We want to eat healthy chicken as much as you do. So, here's what you need to know about our free range chicken.

Raised humanely

Unlike commercial chicken they are not kept indoors in environmentally controlled houses throughout the duration of their lives. Our free-range chicken for the first 1st month, they live indoors with proper ventilation and heat – as in nature, they need protection as chicks and they usually spend this time under their mother’s wing. Afterworth, they are then given the opportunity to experience the outdoors, and are allowed to move around unsheltered between the protective shelters and the outdoors. They have constant access to a natural diet, enjoy plenty of fresh air, wild grass and sunshine, and they naturally migrate back to their shelters at night. While this is not always the case for raising, Ayam Kampung in Malaysia, we believe this is the only way, otherwise, there's no different between Ayam Kampung and commercial broilers.

Antibiotics FREE Chicken

During growing period, we do not use feed which contain Antibiotic Growth Promoter (AGP). Unlike other Ayam Kampung which is fed with 100% commercial feed similar to in commercial chickens. AGPs are routinely administered to control micro-organisms in the intestines which in turn results in an unnatural growth rate. Instead we use a natural way, a probiotics instead.

Stress free

A humanely treated chicken is a stress-free chicken. Commercial chickens, on the other hand, are raised in severely cramped quarters where they can hardly move. This leads to stress which can lead to disease, which in turn results in the need for extensive use of antibiotics.