Penyejuk Udara Industri VM100 (55L)

Penyejuk Udara Industri VM100 (55L)


Feature and Benefit

  • Triple-function: Fan/ Air Cooler/ Ionizer
  • Heavy-duty: >8 hours operation daily
  • Very Powerful and Silent Wind
  • Large area coverage easily
  • 3 levels of speed control (low, medium, high)
  • Large Honeycomb Cooling Pads on 4 sides 
  • Automatic swing control (left to right)
  • Remote control and timer function

Suitable for home outdoor patio use. With a 55L water tank and 10,000m3/h air flow output, it can cater to provide a cool relaxing breeze during parties, gatherings, events or even leisure use without the hastle of multiple refill of water. 

Also ideal for hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other commercial areas that needs wider cooling coverage while being silent and powerful.

Best fit for industrial use ie factory, warehouse and mini mart.

The higher the air flow (m3/h), the lower the surrounding temperature (C) of the targeted area. 

VM100 Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler Mobile
  • Air flow (m3/h) – 10000
  • Water Tank (litre) – 55L
  • Effective area (m2) – 70 ~ 90
  • Power (w)/ A – 300w/ 1.3A
  • Voltage (V, Hz) – 230V, 50Hz
  • Dimension (cm) – 84 (L) x 57 (W) x 131 (H)
  • Net weight (Kg) – 45
  • Warranty – 12 months from YET®
  • Highlights beyond Specs:
  • Best fit for commercial & industrial use; 3 levels of speed control (low, medium, high); Up to 90m2 effective area coverage; Powerful Air Flow >10000m3/hr; Water Tank capacity 55L; Power consumption 300 watts; Heavy-duty > 8 hrs operation daily; Water level indicator