Mist Inverter 2100SRI | Kabus Air Tekanan Tinggi (20-140 Nozzle)

Mist Inverter 2100SRI | Kabus Air Tekanan Tinggi (20-140 Nozzle)


Feature and Benefit

  • Automatic garden watering system
  • Effective outdoor cooling
  • Enhanced green landscaping
  • Reduced flying insects mainly mosquitoes by 50%
  • Special effect for beautification
  • Taiwan standard and quality system

Suitable for home outdoor patio use. With high quality mist system and parts imported from Taiwan, it can cater to provide a perfect watering system for the home garden and more importantly enhance green landscaping. It also improves your outdoor experience at home with lower outdoor temperature by a difference 9 ~ 12°C and reduce the activity of flying insects mainly mosquitoes at home.

Also ideal for hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other commercial areas that needs cooling for wider coverage outdoor while beautifying the atmosphere through special mist effect. Commonly used for livestock cooling nowadays mainly sparrow feeding, chicken farm, pig farm and horse fam due to its systematic approach to effective cooling and humidity control!

YET 2100SRI Mist Inverter System
  • Operation pressure (PSI) – 1000 ~ 1200
  • Power (Kw) – 1.50
  • Flow rate (L/ min) – 3 ~ 8
  • Nozzle capacity (0.15mm) – 20 ~ 140
  • Speed (RPM) – 483 ~ 906
  • Operating hour (Hrs) – 8
  • Solenoid valve (Unit) – 2
  • Timer – Yes
  • Pressure pump – Italy
  • Key features – Heavy duty, 50% Inverter energy saver, Double solenoid valve, Dual safety features, Over heat protection, Timer controlled, Double ventilation, Remote, Auto pressure release, Low noise
  • Warranty – 12 months from YET®