Gas Heater S8 / Pemanas Gas Brooder Anak Ayam

Gas Heater S8 / Pemanas Gas Brooder Anak Ayam


S-type, with its characteristic cast iron burner chamber and a ceramic burner plate.  A successful heater still considered as a good, relatively inexpensive and reliable brooder for the animal production. Standard with a stainless steel filter.


  • Simple to use
  • Capacity with Propane adjustable from 100% to 50%
  • Mostly used with manual gas pressure controllers
  • High Infrared output
  • Capacity adjusting through gas pressure adjusting
  • Portable units
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Standard with thermo-electromagnetic safety device


Type Capacity Propane
I3P / G30 in mBar
Natural Gas High
I2H / G20 in mBar
Natural Gas Low
I2L / G25 in mBar


50-190, 350-1400 20-50 20-50
S4 1.75kW 50-190, 350-1400 20-50 20-50, 25
S8 3.5kW 50-190, 350-1400 20-50 20-50, 25


Type Net Weight Maximum Consumption
S2 2.41kg 63gr/h 0.080m³/h 0.095m³/h
S4 2.95kg 126gr/h 0.158m³/h 0.189m³/h
S8 4.05kg 252gr/h 0.315m³/h 0.378m³/h