Marzuq Bayu diterajui oleh kumpulan usahawan agro muda dan bersemangat, yang mempunyai keyakinan bahawa mereka mampu menyumbang kepada impak yang positif terhadap keperluan permintaan sumber makanan Malaysia dan melengkapkan rangkaian perniagaan. Our involvement in the poultry industry especially in free-range chicken or Ayam Kampung, is a result of our own awareness to the needs of healthy food and business opportunity which can be explored.

We are also actively involve in Persatuan Usahawan Ayam Kampung Malaysia (PUSAKA), a registered association to gather all farmers and entreprenuers involve in this industry for a business networking.


Visi Kami

  • To become premier supplier for halal and healthy free-range chicken

  • To promote and educate the use of probiotic (as oppose to antibiotics) in chicken farm

  • To contribute towards development of local farmer to higher level

  • To improve production in farms by utlilizing the latest technology available

Video Mengenai Kami