One of our core business is as a supplier of Day Old Chick (DOC) or Anak ayam kampung. Currently, our DOC is Mardi breed (Ayam Kampung Kacuk Mardi). We started breeding Mardi Chicken since 2015 and supply to local farmer. To learn more about Mardi breed, please visit PUSAKA. Besides MARDI breed, we are developing our own breed, Warisan Chicken Breed which will be available in the near future. Contact us for more info. Our hatchery farm is located in Johor, Malaysia but we can cater DOC order nationwide.

Management in the first four weeks of the chicks’ life is by far the most valuable skill a poultry farmer must acquire because the birds are totally dependent upon you to meet their needs. We do provide training to our potential buyers so the DOC purchase will survive this period.